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Runika and the Six-sided Spellbooks is a puzzle-solving dice-manipulation game. Play as Runika and her friends as you collect elemental dice, solve puzzles and cast spells!

  •  Winning depends on strategy, not luck. Dice rolls give you interesting choices, rather than punishing you. Clever use of your dice will determine whether you win or not.
  •  Cool rotating boards and spatial puzzles. Create runes on a 4x4 spell grid surrounded by a rotating elemental disk. Use the disk to correctly position your elemental dice and match the patterns on the rune cards to earn points and powers.
  •  Interaction without player hate. Compete for the favour of your professors and to be the first to solve each rune. Player interaction comes from drafting the right dice and occupying worker-placement slots instead of attacking your friends.

Or let Meeple University lead you through the game (using Lucidity dice as prototypes):

Whether you'd like to try the game before you buy it, or you've backed Day One and can't wait for Runika to be delivered, we've put together a couple ways for you to play right now. 

To play Runika right now, you can use:

  •  Tabletopia: By clicking here, you can play in your browser with your friends, totally free. You don't even need to sign up!
  •  Lucidity: Six-sided Nightmares: You can use the dice from our last game, Lucidity, to play a print-and-play version of Runika here. Runika's final dice will have different symbols, but this print-and-play allows you to use the ones from Lucidity in their place. Or use this set and about 480 stickers to make your own dice!
  •  Substituting cards for dice: The print-and-play here allows you to use generic pipped dice to play. It takes up a lot of table space because it replaces 12mm dice with 68mm cards, but it should give you a good sense for the gameplay.
  •  Solo mode: You can also check out our draft solo mode rules here.


Available Rewards:

$69AUD + Shipping

Runika and the Six-sided Spellbooks

Approximately US$49

One copy of the game and the ebook.


  • A thank you and the novella
  • Runika and the Six-sided Spellbooks

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